MyCareer is a collaboration between Graduateland ApS (Graduateland') and Stockholm University. By creating a user on MyCareer you accept to become part of the Graduateland Network, which is made up of several university career portals, as well as and
Please read the following regulations in order to ensure that you understand and accept the conditions for being a user of MyCareer. By proceeding your registration process you are obliged to follow MyCareer's rules and regulations. After reading please tick the designated box at the bottom of the page to accept the terms and conditions.

Start of the Regulations

These regulations with serial number 01.05.2018 take effect from 1st May 2018

By establishing a profile on MyCareer you accept the following conditions

User Rules

Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights including brand, establishment and information regarding other members belong to Graduateland. The user shall not be entitled to distribute or use any information from MyCareer for commercial purposes or personal financial gains.

Responsibilities of Graduateland

Graduateland shall be under the obligation to:


Graduateland shall not be liable to the user in relation to:

Our social responsibilities

At Graduateland we value:

User privacy

Data collection

Use of personal data

The information Graduateland collects about the user can and will be used in different ways:

Distribution of personal data

Right to admission and correction

If the user realises that personal information on MyCareer is incorrect or misleading the user shall have access to the profile where necessary corrections can be made. Alternatively the user may contact Graduateland and request that the corrections shall be made within a reasonable time frame. The user is entitled to delete the profile. This means that the profile cannot be found or accessed by anyone. Personal information can be changed on "My Profile".

Use of data/third party use of data

Change in business principles

Graduateland shall be entitled to change the above mentioned business principles at any time. If any change is made this will be made public on MyCareer after which the user has 30 days to become familiar with them. After 30 days it will be anticipated that all existing users accept and understand the changes.

Conditions for uploading photos and pictures

All photos and pictures uploaded to MyCareer must respect the following: Non-compliance of the above mentioned conditions for uploading photos and pictures could lead to expulsion from this site. Graduateland shall not be liable for the non-compliance of a user.

Profile photos and pictures

Profile photos and pictures are visible to employers and universities, which is why the regulations for uploading such material are more restrictive than for other categories. The profile photo or picture must only include you. In general Graduateland maintains the right to block or delete all content that shows threatening, hate full or vulgar behaviour. Any profile with discriminating behaviour towards individuals or groups based on ethnic, religious or sexual orientation will be deleted, blocked and reported to the legal authorities. Any profile that pretends to be another person (a false profile) will be deleted, blocked and reported to the legal authorities.

Pornographic material

Any type of pornographic material will be deleted immediately and without warning. This includes pictures or photos of sexual or erotic character as well as abuse and physical damage of any kind.

Protected material

Content on MyCareer protected by copyright shall belong to the rightful owner. Other members shall thus not be allowed to use this material without the acceptance of the rightful owner. Any material used but not belonging to the rightful owner and protected by (©, ®, ™) will be deleted or blocked. This includes any picture which is not yours and material which belongs to Graduateland.


Extensive distribution of one and the same content is strictly illegal on MyCareer. Profiles showing such behaviour will be deleted immediately. This includes the sending of unwanted emails, chain letters or unwanted commercials such as product promotion and marketing of websites.

Illegal activities

In general any illegal activity shall not be allowed on MyCareer. The following will immediately be deleted from MyCareer:

Final Remark

Graduateland strives to create a positive and dynamic environment and therefore expects the user to share this philosophy. Graduateland is here to collaborate. The user is advised to read and accept Graduateland's rules and regulations before signing in as a user.