Junior Robotics Engineer - Erasmus / Students Only - Unpaid hos Valuer.ai


Seeking students who are future Creative Technologist that in the intersection of digital and physical.

The position sits between marketing and product production of real objects. You are a hybrid of design and engineering within the world of hardware.

Your vast knowledge and excitement for technology will complement our creative ideas and elevate our work. You're not just a creative thinker though, you also love tinkering and figuring out how to make ideas into realities.

About the project

We have a slightly different opportunity here. We take a hardware approach to innovation within the field of marketing. We want to create visually compelling projects that entice people to engage with our company and ask "what is Valuer." 

Our company connects startups with corporations and we want to show that we innovate internally and externally. This is a chance to work with a variety of technologies to produce something creative and engaging. Interested?

See an example of a previous intern's "Valuer in a box" project:


The Company:

Valuer is an emerging leading platform that match-makes startups and corporations. Valuer helps corporations discover, understand and engage with startups that are specifically relevant to their business strategies.


(Minimum: experience with 1 of the following)

  • Experience with a combination of physical computing (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi and electronic basics) and interactive programming skills (e.g. LabView, Matlab, Python, Arduino, Processing, VVVV and/or openFrameworks).

  • Knowledge of OpenFrameworks/Cinder/C++, Processing, Unity, Unreal, Hardware (Raspberry Pi, Arduino - sensors, motors, LED lights, Kinect, displays, etc), JavaScript, WebGL, CSS, HTML, Backend/Database

  • Electronics (soldering, arduino/Raspberry Pi project work) AutoDesk products (AutoCAD and Inventor), 

  • Experience with wood shop, electronics, and/or metalworking projects is desired.

Design, Tech, and Creative

  • Excellent visual design and communication skills. Passion for design as well as a pulse on emerging trends, products and technology.

  • Considering technical risks, recent trends, innovations, and news in the technology world, creating tools and efficiencies for the tech team and art/content production pipelines.

  • Helping to guide the team’s user experience and visual design process, researching new paths, raising concerns, and educating stakeholders.

  • Practical working experience with a broad range of software, equipment, techniques and materials related to Interactive Arts production, documentation, and promotion.

  • Prior coursework in linear mechanics or mechanics of materials, and laboratory experience are strong pluses but not required

About You


  • A wizard when it comes to current trends surrounding technology in experiential marketing

  • Has the ability to deliver quality work in a fast paced, high volume, and fun environment.

  • Strong communication, attention to detail, and creativity

  • Organizational skills and eagerness to work on multiple projects at once

  • Deadline-driven mentality

  • Ability to work independently, as well as in a collaborative team environment

  • Intellectual curiosity and a willingness to learn about new industries

  • Exhibits personal initiative and independence

  • Fluency in English

What is the goal of this position? 

Create a project that holds similarities to these real-world campaigns:

Musical Stairs:


Pizza Button:


Dorothy Insert for Shoes:


Observera: De examensarbete och projekt som du hittar i MyCareer är inte på förväg godkända av ditt universitet. Du måste själv se till att de eventuella samarbeten som du ingår med organisationer för examensarbete och projekt blir godkända av din handledare eller kursansvarig.