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Master thesis project - novel phage resistance mechanisms hos Københavns Universitet

Introduction: Bacteria are constantly exposed to viruses, bacteriophages, in the environment that infect and kill them. The bacteria therefore need to develop phage resistance mechanisms in order to survive bacteriophage attacks.

Aim: Identify novel phage resistance mechanisms by characterizing Campylobacter jejuni cells that have been exposed to three different phages.

Your work: You will characterize Campylobacter jejuni cells that have developed resistance towards three different phages by looking specifically at phase variable genes in the bacterial genome. This will involve a stay in C. Bayliss’ lab at the University of Leicester in the UK that has developed a specific method to look at phase variable genes. You will also perform other types of phenotypic and genotypic experiments such as whole genome sequencing and bioinformatic sequence analyses. Furthermore, you will learn how to work with pathogenic bacteria and get GMOII lab experience as well as be working in an international research lab.

Methods: Hands on bacteria-phage experiments, Gene-Scan analysis (University of Leicester, UK), DNA extraction and genome sequencing, bioinformatic genome analysis, construction of mutants in Campylobacter jejuni.

Observera: De examensarbete och projekt som du hittar i MyCareer är inte på förväg godkända av ditt universitet. Du måste själv se till att de eventuella samarbeten som du ingår med organisationer för examensarbete och projekt blir godkända av din handledare eller kursansvarig.