Artificial Intelligence for Complex Resource Planning hos Meepo AB

The problem

Meepo have developed a web app for visualization, planning and measurements of large software and hardware projects. Within this project we plan to implement an automated algorithm for matching teams with the best development tasks. Input data for the algorithm will be the teams’ previous works, detailed estimates on the to-be-planned items, historical estimates of tasks previously performed as well as manually input competences of the teams in questions. Besides these input data there’s a priority for the tasks where high priority items should be completed before lower priority items. The projects in question are very large which could affect how the algorithm will be developed.

The goal

The goal is to have an algorithm that outperforms the predictability and planning capabilities of experienced project managers in real time (with regards to changes in team capacity and priority changes). This can be validated with the data-set itself on historical data.

Who are you?

You’re about to have a master’s Degree in Computer Science or similar, have a passion for programming, and love to learn new things. You like to sink your teeth into a difficult problem and doing so as a part of a team makes it all more fun. You’re as easygoing and sociable as your (future) colleagues.

Who are we?

Meepo is a small and growing company with a flat organization structure that is moving in the borderland between app developers and IT-management consultants. At Meepo we reward creativity and own ideas and love what we do. We help other companies find solutions to business issues in the form of mobile apps and web apps, but also with underlying and overall IT architecture. We specialize in mobile phones as work tools, and with the help of business intelligence, gamification and push notifications, we help companies drive positive behaviors and increase the morale of their employees. We work in different industries such as Telecom, Real Estate and Education. We focus on perpetual learning and appreciate educational initiatives from our own employees.

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