Ma­nage­ment po­si­ti­on, Sci­en­ti­fic ac­tivi­ties / pro­jectsRe­se­arch Team Lea­der for the DLR Branch Of­fice Darm­stadtIn­sti­tu­te for the Pro­tec­tion of Ter­restri­al In­fra­struc­tu­res, Sankt Au­gus­tin/Rhein­bach hos German Aerospace Center (DLR)

The safe and secure operation of critical infrastructures is essential for the economic prosperity and stability of countries and societies. The Institute for the Protection of Terrestrial Infrastructures is dedicated to this task. We aim to develop concepts, methods and technologies that serve to assess and improve the resilience of infrastructures pursuing a holistic approach considering human and technical aspects as well as an overarching systemic view. The Department “Digital Twins of Infrastructures” will model and simulate complex networked infrastructures at different levels of abstraction and in sector couplings. Being fed with real-time data, the digital twins will be run within a big data platform and interact with humans. This way Digital Twins shall enable improved situational awareness as well as the analysis and optimization of the resilience of terrestrial infrastructures.
The team „Modelling of complex Infrastructure Systems in Smart Cities“ shall develop innovative and novel approaches to model and simulate complex infrastructure systems in smart cities. The work takes place in cooperation with the emergenCITY Centre, for which DLR is setting up a branch of the institute in Darmstadt. The LOEWE Center emergenCITY is an interdisciplinary research center that was established at TU Darmstadt. emergenCITY aims at investigating fundamentals, methods and solutions towards the resilience of future digital cities and especially the capability of Information and Communication Technology to resist, adapt, and transform in crisis situations. The DLR team in Darmstadt will cooperate with the emergenCITY team and other local partners. Their work will form the foundation for the implementation of digital twins at the institute in St. Augustin.
As a team leader, you define and plan the detailed scientific scope of the work group. You will identify the scientific core topics with regard to innovation and third-party funding potential. The coordination of the work with other projects at the institute, the acquisition of projects as well as the instruction of doctoral students and young scientists is also part of your job. You conduct own research projects in the core area of the working group and publish your results in specialist journals and at international conferences.
As the recently founded institute and the team are emerging, you will have the opportunity to intensively shape the dynamic and innovative research area and working environment.
  • university degree (master's/diploma) in engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering, engineering, computer sciences or a related field, PhD desirable
  • very good expertise in the development, evaluation and simulation of functional and technical system models according to scientific methods
  • good knowledge in the use of software development processes, development of software architectures for simulation systems or data science as well as use of databases
  • high willingness to familiarize oneself with new fields of application and technologies
  • ability to think and work in an interdisciplinary way and willingness to work in a team
  • passion for innovative research and a scientific and systematic approach
  • understanding of complex contexts and analytical approach
  • experience in leading scientific teams, experience with agile methods
  • experience in the implementation of projects would be desirable; experience in dealing with industrial partners and authorities, preferably also in joint projects
  • willingness to travel (national/international)
  • very good skills in written and spoken English
  • strong willingness to communicate and cooperate as well as teamwork

Look forward to a fulfilling job with an employer who appreciates your commitment and supports your personal and professional development.Our unique infrastructure offers you a working environment in which you have unparalled scope to develop your creative ideas and accomplish your professional objectives.Our human resources policy places great value on a healthy family and work-life-balance as well as equal opportunities for persons of all genders (m/f/non-binary).Individuals with disabilities will be given preferential consideration in the event their qualifications are equivalent to those of other candidates.

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