Speech Technologies EE Innovation Engineer hos Chrysler

Auburn Hills
Job Overview
Join the FCA EE Innovation Team as we work together on challenging leading edge technology projects for automotive applications. Our work environment provides project leadership opportunities, management exposure, career advancement and exciting opportunities to develop and introduce new speech technologies into future vehicles.
Speech technology and feature projects: Lead and support EE innovation projects involving speech technologies by acquiring funds, preparing technology project decks , managing project timelines and leading tier 1 and tier 2 supplier development. Create Statement of Work (SOW) for innovation projects, evaluate supplier responses, conduct technical reviews, create sourcing packages, purchase requisitions, and provide innovation project results. Create innovation project proof of concepts (POC) demonstrating new speech technologies and features. Develop software in house for POC when required. Create test tools for projects if needed for in house evaluation. Develop technical specifications, architecture drawings and test reports to complete the innovation projects per committed timelines. Troubleshoot innovation project software/ hardware releases. Ensure thoroughness as to if the innovation project tests and evaluation are complete or not. Contact suppliers to troubleshoot and resolve issues with the guidance of Technical Fellow for Speech Recognition. Present innovation project evaluation/validation results and final reports to technical fellow and management team.
Speech technology investigative projects: Conduct competitive benchmarking of speech technologies in competitive vehicles and report out new speech technologies (ASR/TTS/voice identification/voice authentication/speaker identification/speech AI) and new speech technology features. Investigate speech technology trends using analyst reports and analyze new algorithms using research papers to create innovation project ideas. Investigate new microphone and hands-free calling technology projects. Provide feasibility assessments of new project ideas considering computational limitations with respect to vehicle electrical architecture and embedded controller processing and memory capacity.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from an ABET accredited program
  • Five years overall engineering experience
  • Four years of automotive speech technology experience
  • Software development experience with coding in C/C++/Java/Python; shall be very comfortable coding
  • Working knowledge of speech recognition fundamental concepts
  • Working knowledge of speech data collection and analysis tools available on the market
  • One year of experience using head and acoustics tools like HATS, Squadriga, and Vocas, etc.
  • One year of experience with cloud based speech recognition technology experience with architecture, APIs and audio requirements
  • One year of experience with car Play and Android Auto /Baidu technical experience with architecture, APIs, audio requirements and certification
  • Working knowledge of Artificial Intelligence/Neural Network tools and software
  • Experience with microphone design, testing and data analysis
  • Working knowledge of speech signal processing for noise reduction / echo cancellation
  • Willingness and ability to quickly learn new concepts
  • Ability to trouble shoot, analyze test results, identify conclusions and implement action plans with minimal guidance
  • Ability to use programming tools to do quick analysis of the results if needed
  • Flexibility to quickly change or adapt plans based on test results or external events
  • Capable of articulating results and implications to team with a spirit of collaboration
  • Capable of effectively communicating and presenting to management
  • Strong organizer of validation results repository for team use
  • Self-directed, with strong time-management skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Green Belt certification
  • Two years of digital signal processing experience with audio analysis
  • MATLAB experience
  • Hands-free experience with technical knowledge of testing and data analysis
  • Android automotive operating system concepts
  • QNX /Green Hills Software concepts
  • Experience with SPSS/Adobe audition/Audacity

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