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Accelerated Development Program — looking to jumpstart your career?

Meet Petra, ADP participant

As a part of the ADP program you develop at an accelerated speed and explore your leadership potential through a variety of training, mentoring and on-the-job experience. Real responsibilities from day one, rotations in different geographic and business locations and exposure to leadership all contribute to the fact that you gain an in-depth insights into the Ingersoll Rand business which is a great base for the future career.

What is it?

Ingersoll Rand's Accelerated Development Programs (ADPs) provide recent college graduates with challenging assignments, training and valuable exposure to our company's senior leaders. Through rotations and experiences in multiple geographic and business locations, our ADPs enable you to build diverse skill sets and a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling career with Ingersoll Rand.

These unique programs differentiate us in the industry, and we seek the best of the best to become program members. To be considered for acceptance in one of our ADPs, you must hold a required degree for the specific program, with a 3.0 GPA or higher. You should have a minimum of two leadership experiences, such as a school club officer, sports team captain, resident advisor or similar position and have at least two related internship experiences or six months of related work experience. You must also be geographically mobile both on and off program.

Ingersoll Rand Accelerated Development Programs are available in Europe, Asia, India and in the US.

Meet Jaroslav, ADP participant

ADP is about being outside of the comfort zone where you are learning new things every day. Moreover, you are able to explore a huge and dynamic corporation and try something you wouldn’t try in a normal job. I had an opportunity to work and live in three different countries, in three different areas and meet various leaders and co-workers. This exposure helped me to find my abilities and ways to overcome the limits, which is a great base for my future career.