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Trinity College Dublin - The University of Dublin is located in Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 1592, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest and most prestigious university. On entering through the oak front gate you will arrive at a 47 acre campus housing state-of-the art libraries, research centres, laboratories, IT facilities and sports centre as well as encountering architecturally beautiful and historic buildings. This unique blend of the historical and the modern fosters an environment which supports academic excellence across all disciplines creating an unrivalled student experience.  

Trinity College builds on its four-hundred-year-old tradition of scholarship to confirm its position as one of the great universities of the world, providing a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and where staff and students are nurtured as individuals and are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: School of Business, School of Drama, Film and Music, School of Education, School of English, School of Histories and Humanities, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies, School of Law, School of Linguistic, Speech and Communications Sciences, School of Psychology, School of Social Sciences and Philosophy, School of Social Work and Social Policy, School of Religions, Theology and Ecumenics.
  • Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science: School of Biochemistry and Immunology, School of Chemistry, School of Computer Science and Statistics, School of Engineering, School of Genetics and Microbiology, School of Mathematics, School of Natural Sciences, School of Physics.
  • Faculty of Health Sciences: School of Dental Science, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
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Furthermore, find the complete lists of degree programmes on the university website.
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