System conceptualisation co-ordination (AI, Machine learning, BPM) at Project Payables

Posted 2 weeks ago

Project Payables automates tedious manual tasks, reduces errors and minimizes fraud. Our platform brings together AI, Machine Learning, Open Banking and a slick user experience to meet the requirements of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) for a simple and efficient buying process, also known as Account Payables or Purchase-to-Pay.

We are offering a full-time internship within the systems development area of the company, which is crucial to the development of our platform and the successful launch with initial clients.

This experience will give you complete insight into the process by which an idea is converted into functional software, and ultimately you will be part of building an exciting new start-up.

The role consists of supporting the development effort of the established team to deliver state of the art results using AI, Machine Learning and traditional IT solutions.

In this role, you will be working closely with IT development, the company’s founders, and their customers to:

  • Support the discovery of business requirements. This means understanding the business process we are automating, its legal, practical, and historical set-up, in order to significantly improve it.
  • Own the structure and documentation of the above-mentioned requirements
  • Design use cases for applications
  • Develop the User Experience (UX) structure both aesthetically and functionally
  • Devise a relevant suite of tests to validate that the requirements are met, and how to determine that they have failed.
  • Execute some of the above-mentioned tests, and document their outcomes

The initial platform is based on a Windows Server with Tomcat, MongoDb, MySql, Marionette, i.e. Java in the background, and JavaScript in the front-end. Our mission now is to launch new modules and functionality as fast as possible on this prototyping platform. The purpose of the prototyping platform is to test ideas and learn; then we update the requirements documentation with these learnings. The aim is to build a market-ready “first release” platform in H2 2021, based on a much-improved architecture.

You will report to the CTO and co-founder of Project Payables.

The initial internship is for 3 months, which may be followed by another three months if you like the team and we all like working together.

About us: Project Payables was founded on 3rd February 2021. We expect to onboard our first paying customers in Q2 2021. We are based in London but operate in UK, Switzerland and Belarus. Our office is in the cloud, and yours will be too! The founders, have a background in Investment Banking, “Big consulting”, Corporate governance, software development and running successful and unsuccessful start-ups. You are joining us at the most interesting of times and you will have the opportunity to shape the company’s future.

About you: we think you are currently in technical university or have just graduated. You are interested in how to discover, document, test and improve system requirements. You probably live in a European time zone and have access to your own personal computer. If you have worked with business administration/accounting/book-keeping, this is definitely a great asset, which will help you and our team in this environment.

We provide you all the software you need to participate in the team, and a discretionary expense budget of 500 EUR / month.

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