Analysis of last mile delivery options from a start-up’s perspective for Frozen Food at AppFood Technology Lund AB

Posted 3 weeks ago


“Frozen Food Company” (FFC) has developed a low intense production methodology of food, in combination with freezing as conservation, promises clear positive impact on product quality.

The company is looking for a potential rapid expansion from the customer relationship under formation with a global player.

To match the roll-out with the global player FFC needs to quickly scale its market footprint, which in practice means e-commerce.

Challenges with e-commerce is to get last mile deliver customer friendly i.e. predictability on delivery timing and cost efficient.

FCC is now looking for students writing their Master’s Thesis in Business (Strategy, Logistics or Marketing) to look into the subject from an Academic stand-point but also from a business perspective

What we offer:

A real hands-on case with a critical impact on company potential

High relevant subject within current business environment i.e. successful last mile delivery

An experienced team of down-to-earth leaders to interact with:

  • Company Chairman is former C-suite from leading Nordic FMCG company
  • Company CEO is former long-term management consultant from leading global consulting companies

We look forward to your application.

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