Sustainable maintenance of gravel road - Objective measurement of the condition of gravel roads at Linnéuniversitetet

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Gravel roads must be maintained regularly in order to fix problems with holes in the road and to divert water. The condition of the gravel road is dependent on climatic and weather conditions, and can quickly deteriorate. Today, control of the condition is performed at 5-year intervals by the Swedish Transport Administration. This measurement is often done with subjective methods or overly rough estimates. As part of the project "Sustainable maintenance of gravel roads", we are developing an objective method for measuring the condition of gravel roads.

Task: Your task is to "translate" condition data from sensors into condition classes according to the Swedish Transport Administration's regulations. This means to be able to calculate given states from existing sensor data, but also to suggest how conditions that are currently described only in subjective and non-measurable terms can be described in measurement or performance indicators.

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