First Line Manager (FLM) at Appirio

Role Purpose
The purpose of this role is to execute the process and drive theperformance of the team on the key metrices of the process.
  1. Ensure process is executed as per the client contract
    1. Conduct briefings before every shift to drive focus on keymetrices and debrief at the end of the shift to drive focus of the teamon quality and adherence to contract compliance processes
    2. Prepare notes from the huddle meetings and share it with theteam
    3. Prepare and share the performance data of the team with theclient at the end of the shift
    4. Interact with the client and prepare note to share updates andchanges with the team
    5. Review the performance on the key process metrices and conductRCA to improve quality parameters
    6. Prepare presentation on weekly and monthly performance data forthe manager to be shared with the client
    7. Collaborate and influence internal key stakeholders to manageand resolve issues to ensure fulfillment and flawless delivery ofprojects
    8. Be part of the discussion between manager and WFM team onforecast and number of agents required
    9. Organize fun hours on Friday for the team to promote teamengagement
    10. Identify opportunities for automation within the account andshare it with the manager
    11. Provide details and data to the automation team to support theautomation initiative
  1. Drive performance of the team on the identified metrices ofthe process
    1. Review last 6-8 weeks performance data (RAG) and identify lowperformers
    2. Provide feedback and coach the outliers/ low performers toimprove their performance metrices
    3. Prepare Performance Coaching & Counselling Plan (PCCP) todocument and support the low performers
    4. Handhold the employees on performance on process and monitor forimprovements
    5. Identify training needs for new joiners especially and tracktheir daily progress
    6. Conduct process trainings as well as refresher trainings areprovided to bridge the capability gap or if there is any change from theclient’s end
  1. Stakeholder Interaction & Management
    1. Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders to ensurecompliance and quality in the delivery for accounts
    2. Interact and engage with the client manager to communicate andupdate progress against account plan, project delivery etc.
    3. Participate in monthly review meetings with Account Deliveryleadership updating them on the status and progress of the account
    4. Work with quality team to ensure the quality improvements as perthe delivery standards of the contract
    5. Provide timely assistance in case of an escalation and supportresolution of escalations/ issues
  1. Effective Team Management
    1. Resourcing
      1. Hire adequate and right resources for the team
    2. Talent Management
      1. Ensure adequate onboarding and training for the team members toenhance capability & effectiveness
      2. Build an internal talent pool and ensure their career progressionwithin the organization
  • Manage team attrition
  1. Drive diversity in leadership positions
  1. Performance Management
    1. Set goals for the team, conduct timely performance reviews andprovide constructive feedback to own direct reports
    2. Ensure that the Performance Nxt is followed for the entire team
  2. Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
    1. Lead and drive engagement initiatives for the team
    2. Track team satisfaction scores and identify initiatives to buildengagement within the team

Stakeholder Interaction

Stakeholder Type

Stakeholder Identification

Purpose of Interaction


Delivery Lead

Cadence around margins and revenues


Quality assurance and contract compliance, Processimprovements

Transition Team

Handover process


Risk compliance


Employee engagement and retention etc.

Talent Acquisition



Systems and platforms

Talent Transformation Team, Competency Group

Plan and support delivery of Technical Trainings, knowledgesharing


Clients/ Customers

Client connect to give updates and get feedback on the process.Fix any deviations

Lists the competencies required to perform this role effectively:
  • Functional Competencies/ Skill
    • Domain/Industry Knowledge – Awareness and knowledge of broadeconomic, demographic, technological and global trends in the ITES/BPOindustry – Competent
    • Technical Knowledge – FLM Certification by Wipro, Knowledge ofoperational processes, quality certifications etc. in a BPO/ITESsetup– Competent
    • Project Management – Knowledge of project management and handson experience in Agile methodology – Competent

Competency Levels


Knowledgeable about the competency requirements. Demonstrates (inparts) frequently with minimal support and guidance.


Consistently demonstrates the full range of the competencywithout guidance. Extends the competency to difficult and unknownsituations as well.


Applies the competency in all situations and is serves as a guideto others as well.


Coaches others and builds organizational capability in thecompetency area. Serves as a key resource for that competency and isrecognized within the entire organization.
  • Behavioral Competencies
    • Project Management Skills
    • Analytical Skills
    • Execution Excellence
    • Managing Complexity
    • Handling Pressure
    • Client centricity
    • Passion for results
    • Nurturing people
    • Stakeholder Management



Performance Parameter



Process Performance

Zero non-conformance on timelines with respect to the client/stakeholder requirements
%Metrics met
Vaule add to the client (FTE reduction)


Client Management

Zero escalations on delivery
Resolution of escalations
Zero non-conformance on security or compliance requirements


Team Management

Team attrition %, Employee satisfaction score, %technicaltrainings, %general trainings
IT Operations Management

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