Master Thesis: UX Design at Ascom

Posted 2 weeks ago

Ascom has a long history of developing tailor-made mobile communication solutions. With a goal of closing the information gap, we aim to seamlessly deliver essential data to the right individual at the right time. What this means to our customers has changed dramatically over the last decade.
Digitalization, thanks to the introduction of concepts like smartphones, sensors, the Internet of Things, and high-speed networks such as 5G, has created whole new challenges for them – and for us. To develop products and solutions that successfully deliver value, it is crucial that we understand our customers and users to identify and address their pains, needs, behaviors, tasks, and workflows.
This master thesis is about making a deep dive into one of our customer segments – Retail or Indus-try. The objective is to research the customer segment and identify, design, and evaluate solutions that will help Ascom make customers within the segment successful.
The result could be in the form of a new product, service, methodology, or tool.
Generally the following parts should be included:
  • Plan activities and set time plan
  • Empirical and literature studies
  • Customer, user, and market research
  • Analysis and requirement identification
  • Create and evaluate solutions
  • Analysis and recommendation for further work in presentation and report Final scope and content to be defined in a dialogue between student(s) and Ascom.

We are looking for individual(s) with an inquisitive and problem-solving mindset. Educational background is likely within Interaction Design or Industrial Design Engineering
Extent: 20 weeks
Resources: 1-2 people
Paid: Yes
Working at Ascom
We offer an open and international environment where personal initiative is both expected and appreciated. Our culture is reflected by the Ascom Way and its six principles: Customer Focus, Accountability & Commitment, Growth, Innovation, Leadership, We are Ascom. Key aspects are to create customer value in everything we do, take calculated risks, be curious and creative, and be passionate and inspire. Ascom is a company where you will be able to engage with all parts of the value stream, from development to sales, manufacturing, supply chain and service delivery. If you are motivated by making a real difference in your work, you are probably one of us.
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